Volume 4, Issue 2 is Here!

The issue is available as a PDF: TMR Volume 4 Issue 2.

The optional theme is comics, be it drawn in sequential images or just plain funny.

Contributors: Gershon Ben-Avraham, Susan P. Blevins, Mela Blust, Charles W. Brice, Aria Callaham, Joan Colby, Holly Day, Darren C. Demaree, Adam Durso, Kelcey Parker Ervick, Sarah A. Etlinger, GTimothy Gordon, John Grey, Jack D. Harvey, Aloura Hattendorf, Henry Hitz, Diane Hoffman, A.J. Huffman, Phil Huffy, James Croal Jackson, Lonnie James, Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer, Matthew J. Kreglow, Claire Martin, Megan Miazgowicz, Jennifer Davis Michael, Paul Mills, TJ Neathery, Simon Perchik, Steven B. Rosenfeld, David Anthony Sam, William L. Spencer, David Spicer, Chuck Thompson, Dennis Trujillo, Bess Vanrenen, Maryfrances Wagner, Michael Whelan, Theresa Williams, and Kelsey Zimmerman.

Reviews: Hold Me Gorilla Monsoon by Colette Arrand, Auri by Auri, Internet Yearnings by Gary Beck, Mnemosyne’s Hand: Poems by Charles W. Brice, Her Secret Husband by Abbey Faith, The Future by From Ashes to NewBurn Site In Bloom by Jamie HoughtonRookland by Jesse Minkert, Beach Dweller Manifesto by Leah MuellerGhost Matter by Jade RamseyHeavenly Whispers by Roger SipplPermanent Change of Station by Lisa Stice, and i’m fine: A Haiku Collection About Mental Illness by Jamie Winters.

Winner of The Magnolia Review Ink Award: Theresa Williams, for “From The Diary of Lea Knight,” chosen by Dom Fonce.

Congratulations, Gary Beck!

Check out Gary’s latest, Voices of War, a poetry chapbook published by Atlantean Publishing. The price is £3, £6 outside the U.K. Payable by Paypal or Sterling Check. For orders Contact DJ Tyrer at atlanteanpublishing@hotmail.com, and check out their website here.

Congratulations, Gary Beck!

The Magnolia Review is happy to announce that Gary Beck‘s CLOWN SHOW, will be playing in New York City, Friday, June 15, and Saturday, June 16. Details below.
Clown Show
A Play

Written and Directed by

Gary Beck

For Immediate Release
‘Clown Show’ is a play about the struggle of two clowns to bring joy. Koko and Pipi test the patience of the theatre manager as they prepare to do their show for adults and kiddies. They worry that in the age of smartphones and texting the children won’t be as responsive to live performance as they used to be. But they are determined to use their talents and skills to bring delight to the audience.

Clown Show Photo.jpg
Koko………….Angela Madden
                                                          Mr. Barker……Dan Snow
                                                          Pipi……………Nancy Beck

An evening of one acts at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre
17 W. 45th St., NYC
Friday June 15th, 6:30 P.M.
Saturday June 16th, 6:30 P.M.
Tickets $20
Information: manhattanrep@yahoo.com

Angela Madden
has performed in nearly eighty plays over the past thirty years.  She has worked mostly in Repertory Ensemble theater companies, beginning in Houston, TX with Stages Theater, and moved to NYC where she first began as a theater artist member of the American Shakespeare Repertory and went on to become a member of the Jean Cocteau Repertory.   Favorite shows she performed in include “The Importance of Being Earnest”, “Night & Day”, “Fat Men In Skirts”, “Medea”, “Angels In America,” and many others.  Angela is also Co-Founder of the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble where she wrote, directed and performed her one woman show “CEO & Cinderella.”
Nancy Beck
has spent most of her adult life as an actor, performing the classics and new plays Off-Broadway. She is also a teaching artist for children and adults. Her writing was published in the chapbook “Last Tree Standing” and in the NY Writers Coalition publications “The Hidden Chorus” and “The Moving Pen.” When not creating episodes for her weblog novel, and exploring new directions in multi-media participatory art, Nancy is creating internet applications in New York City.
Dan Snow
has appeared in productions of Sidewalks Theater, La MAMA, Soho Rep, Jean Cocteau, Brooklyn Stage Company, Phoenix Rep, American Players Theater, The Public Theater and Lincoln Center. On scree he created the villainous ‘Cigar Face’ in all four Toxic Avenger films. He is the author of a full-length screen play ‘Fruit Jars’, which received honorable mention in various competitions around the country. His original one man show ‘W.E.B. Dubois: Prophet in Limbo’ is on permanent display in the Lincoln Center Library of Theater and Film on Tape.

Playwriter/Director Gary Beck
has had a long career as a director of the classics and his own plays. He directed cycles of Aristophanes, Sophocles, Moliere, Restoration comedy and works from other periods for 20 years as Artistic Director of Sidewalks Theatre. His plays and translations have been produced Off-Broadway and widely published. He has more than 25 books of poetry and fiction published.

Gary Beck–Interview

  1. I work at home, or at Bryant Park
  2. I write by hand because I am a poor typist, and I use ballpoint pens.
  3. I’ve been writing for a long time in various cycles, determined by my work in theater when I focused on playwriting and translations of the classics.
  4. My intended audience is adults, ‘or older,’ ideally who enjoy issues, storytelling, and a commitment to literature.
  5. I have an urgent need to communicate with audience,s and I’m concerned with the state of the nation and the condition of the world. I have too much to do.
  6. I mentor some young people and play speed chess.
  7. The actual act of writing and the mental state when it just flows out of the pen.
  8. If it’s vitally important to you, persevere, no matter how you’re scorned or rejected. Never accept family or friends comments as objective assessment.

Check out Gary’s work in Volume 1, Issue 1, Volume 2, Issue 1, and Volume 3, Issue 2.