The Magnolia Review Ink Award

When I worked on Prairie Margins and Mid-American Review, they had awards and honors for the contributors. After much thought, and after two years with four issues, I decided it was time for The Magnolia Review to launch its own award.

I grew up with a magnolia tree outside my childhood home. When the wind blew, its branches tapped on my bedroom window. After school I would climb it and enjoy the view. Every spring I looked forward to the pink-white petals and the eventual change to green leaves and bare branches. I choose submissions that I can read over and over again, that continuously bring joy and awe and beauty. We will still do Pushcart Nominations, but this is a special award for a piece that unifies the entire issue. It stands out. It reads well. It is something I’ll remember long after I’ve stopped reading. It is an immediate “Yes! Let’s publish this.” There are lots of great submissions, and it’s an honor to select an outstanding submission for this award. One piece will be selected in every issue.

The winner will receive a plaque, made by Suzanna Anderson. It is a relief sculpture to hang on the wall, engraved with the winner’s name and year. The relief is in the shape of a heart, with “I love ink,” with the “I” as a fountain pen, a series of hearts, and the ink bottle. A picture will be posted on the website.

I selected “In A Dark Time” by Kirie Pedersen, a creative nonfiction piece, for this honor for The Magnolia Review, Volume 3, Issue 1. Congratulations, Kirie!

Suzanna Anderson
January 2017

The Magnolia  Review Ink Award Winners:


Volume 3, Issue 1: Kirie Pedersen, “In A Dark Time,” creative nonfiction (Chosen by Suzanna Anderson)
Volume 3, Issue 2: Buffy Shutt, “,” fiction (Chosen by Taidgh Lynch, announcement)
Volume 4, Issue 1: Doug Bolling, “Journey,” poetry (Chosen by Lisa Stice, announcement)
Volume 4, Issue 2: Theresa Williams, From The Diary of Lea Knight, art (Chosen by Dom Fonce, annoucement)

Volume 5, Issue 1: Nathan Dennis, “Meditations on The Creation,” poetry (Chosen by Aretha Lemon)