May I submit in more than one area?

Yes, you may submit in poetry and art, fiction and creative nonfiction, in any combination. If you do submit in more than one area, please send them in the same email.

May I submit more than once in art/poetry/fiction/creative nonfiction?

We would prefer to read one packet per issue.

May anyone submit? I don’t live in the USA.

Yes! Everyone is welcome to submit. There are no restrictions on who can submit to The Magnolia Review.

I was a contributor in a previous issue. May I submit again?

You are more than welcome to. However, it is not guaranteed that we will accept your work twice.

What is the submitting format?

We accept Word or PDF documents. For fiction and creative nonfiction, please double space. The editors prefer to read work in Times New Roman and 12 pt font.

What is the response time?

We will respond as quickly as possible. We accept issues year-round.

Why do you read submissions blind?

We want the work to shine without the bias of knowing the author. Hence, we read submissions blindly.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello!
    Are you still open to submissions for your January issue, or is it pretty much put to bed? If you’re still open, when will you close on the Jan. issue and make selection decisions?

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