Daniel Barbare–Interview

Describe your creative space. Do you work at home, in public spaces, etc.?

I work at home. Mostly in the living room. But I have gotten to the point where I create while

I’m on the move.

What kind of materials do you use? Do you write by hand or type? What is your favorite writing utensil?

Definitely the computer.

What is your routine for writing?

I hate to say it. But all day. All times.

How long have you been writing? When did you start writing?

Since 1981. 36 years.

Who is your intended, or ideal, audience? Who do you write for?

Whoever will read it.

What inspires you to write? If you are blocked, what do you do?

Almost anything, but when I get blocked I just work harder. Or clean the house. Mow grass.

What other things do you do besides writing? Do you dance or play golf, etc.?

Go to the movies. Travel locally.

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

Right when it clicks.

What is your advice to aspiring writers?

Love who you are, and love what you’re doing.

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Charlene Langfur–Interview

I think the most important task for a writer is to find their own voice and stick with it through thick and thin and be patient with it if it changes. Poetry takes time and patience and kindness. My view of life is that everything matters, and I try to explore this in my poems and essays and stories. How we can find ways to grow and get past difficulties. Coming of age in the 1960s and 1970s, I was taught by the confessional poet W.D. Snodgrass, who insisted I learn metrics. He emphasized the importance of knowing what I was breaking away from craft-wise, especially if I wrote free verse or in syllabic stress. The confessional poets began writing directly about the personal and about issues, civil rights, women’s rights, war and peace, most of all about the environment. I was a Syracuse University Graduate Writing Fellow at that time, and I am an organic gardener now, so I write about the land’s importance as much as possible. Adrienne Rich, one of the best contemporary poets of our time, tells us poetry is a dream of a common language for us all. I agree.

Charlene Langfur

Palm Desert, California

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Bill Wolak

Bill Wolak has just published his fifteenth book of poetry entitled The Nakedness Defense with Ekstasis Editions. His collages have appeared recently in Naked in New Hope 2017, The 2017 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Poetic Illusion, The Riverside Gallery, Hackensack, NJ, the 2018 Dirty Show in Detroit, 2018 The Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, and The 2018 Montreal Erotic Art Festival.

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Richard King Perkins II

Richard King Perkins II is a state-sponsored advocate for residents in long-term care facilities. He lives in Crystal Lake, IL, USA, with his wife, Vickie and daughter, Sage. He is a three-time Pushcart, Best of the Net and Best of the Web nominee whose work has appeared in more than a thousand publications.

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Todd Mercer

Todd Mercer was nominated for Best of the Net in 2018. Mercer won 1st, 2nd & 3rd place of the Kent County Dyer-Ives Poetry Prizes and the won Grand Rapids Festival Flash Fiction Prize. His digital chapbook Life-wish Maintenance is posted at Right Hand Pointing. Recent work appears in: Leaves of Ink, The Pangolin Review. Postcard Poems and Prose, Praxis and Soft Cartel.

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James Croal Jackson

James Croal Jackson is the author of The Frayed Edge of Memory (Writing Knights Press, 2017). His poetry has appeared in Columbia Journal, Rattle, Hobart, FLAPPERHOUSE, and elsewhere. He edits The Mantle from Columbus, Ohio. Find him at jimjakk.com and @jimjakk.

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Zebulon Huset

Zebulon Huset teaches a community creative writing class in San Diego. His writing has recently appeared (or is forthcoming) in The Southern Review, The New York Quarterly, The North American Review, Harpur Palate, The Cape Rock, Pinyon Review and The Roanoke Review, among others. He was once nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He also publishes a writing prompt blog (Notebooking Daily) posting new writing exercises every day at 12:01am in a variety of categories.

Zebulon Huset is a writer teacher and photographer whose writing has recently appeared (or is forthcoming) in The Southern Review, Harpur Palate, The Citron Review, The Cortland Review, The Portland Review and The Roanoke Review, among others. He also publishes a writing blog called Notebooking Daily.

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