Bill Wolak

Bill Wolak has just published his fifteenth book of poetry entitled The Nakedness Defense with Ekstasis Editions. His collages have appeared recently in Naked in New Hope 2017, The 2017 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Poetic Illusion, The Riverside Gallery, Hackensack, NJ, the 2018 Dirty Show in Detroit, 2018 The Rochester Erotic Arts Festival, and The 2018 Montreal Erotic Art Festival.

Whoever Loves and As Bells Echo in the Distance, Volume 1, Issue 2
Openness without Seeking and A Scream in the Forest, Volume 2, Issue 2
The Mist Between Foghorns, The Radiance of an Unforeseen Delight, Climbing the Wind, Beyond the Immediate Trapdoor, and Unsettling as the Strobe Light’s Hesitation, Volume 5, Issue 1

Light’s Sudden Hesitation, The Flirtatious Dance of Memory, Involuntary Trance, Curious As Perfume, The Manifestation of a Protoplasmic Vortex, and Equipped for the Paradoxical Continuum, Volume 6, Issue 1

Terri Hadley Ward

Terri Hadley Ward has a B.A. in Creative Writing from Eckerd College, and recently completed her first poetry chapbook, Songs of the Wild She. She gains creative inspiration from being in nature, and her poems have appeared in The Greensilk Journal, The MOON magazine, and When Women Waken. In addition to writing poetry, she nourishes her soul through yoga, meditation, painting, gardening, and hiking.

Red Brick Reconstructed and Wild Bones, Volume 1, Issue 2

Bill Vernon

Bill Vernon served in the United States Marine Corps, studied English literature, and then taught it. Writing is his therapy, along with exercising outdoors and doing international folkdances. His poems, stories and nonfiction have appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies, and Five Star Mysteries published his novel Old Town in 2005.

Dear Madame Castigliano, Volume 1, Issue 2

Ruth E. Towne

Ruth E. Towne is an emerging author from Southern Maine. The Literary Yard recently featured her piece “Four Passages” on their website, and Blotterature published her short “This Is More Than Homesickness” in their Winter 2015 issue. She currently studies Professional Writing and Information Design but loves creative writing. When she is not working, she loves to visit her family’s camp and explore the New England woods.

Nine Months of Conflict Taught Me How to Say “No,” Volume 1, Issue 2

Terry Savoie

Terry Savoie has published more than three hundred poems in the past three decades. These include Poetry, The American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, Black Warrior Review, The Iowa Review, Tar River Poetry, and America. He attended the Iowa Writing Program in the late ‘70s and is now retired from teaching and living in Coralville, Iowa.

Good Times, Volume 1, Issue 2

Mark Antony Rossi

Mark Antony Rossi’s poetry, criticism, fiction and photography have appeared in The Antigonish Review, Another Chicago Review Bareback Magazine, Black Heart Review, and Collages & Bricolages. His most recent play Eye of the Needle was produced by Grin Theatre, Liverpool, England and its YouTube recording is available at

Unmasking Unwanted Underground, Volume 1, Issue 2

Allison Rosh

Allison Rosh received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University. Her work is an exploration of skin and the body through abstraction, mimicry, and layers of color. She is interested in science, nature, and dance. Currently she is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts with a focus in printmaking at the University of Iowa.

Flushed and Groomed and Mangled, Volume 1, Issue 2

Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson is a young Canadian writer based in “The City Above Toronto,” who spends her time watching people and trying to do them justice on paper. She has had poetry published with Soliloquies, Belleville Park Pages, and Room Magazine, among others, and is currently a contributor for The Lambda, the Laurentian University newspaper. You can find her on Twitter @hey_jeska.

i don’t think he said my name, Volume 1, Issue 2