Zebulon Huset

Zebulon Huset is a writer and photographer living in San Diego. His writing has recently appeared in The Southern Review, Louisville Review, Meridian, North American Review, The Magnolia Review, The Portland Review, The Maine Review, and The Roanoke Review among others. He publishes a writing prompt blog (Notebooking Daily) and his flash fiction submission guide was reposted at The Review Review.

Code Word and When X left, Y announced he was moving, Volume 1, Issue 2
The Chaparral Crackles with Drought, Volume 3, Issue 1

Morning Walkabout, New Home, One Week Before my Neighbor is Murdered; The Creek Wonders About My Past; Last Night at the Campground; Beneath a Wave of Molasses; and Ominous Snow Tunnels, Volume 6, Issue 1


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