Volume 5, Issue 2 Theme Announced!

The issue will be available July 2019.

The optional theme is Questions. See the Submit tab for details on how to submit. We accept photography, art, comics, creative nonfiction, fiction, flash fiction, experimental work, hybrid work, and poetry.

2 thoughts on “Volume 5, Issue 2 Theme Announced!

  1. Love your category for Volume 5. I’ve been thinking about themes, since you asked, and of course there are many, but few that can be interpreted in multiple ways. I was thinking along the lines of “A Day that Changed Me’, “A Defining Moment”, “Significant Phone Calls”, “Where Am I?”

    Just some thoughts anyway! No ulterior motives, ready-written pieces!!

    Will get to your last email very soon!

    Merry Christmas! Again, and again, and again!!

    Cheers, Susan


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