Her Secret Husband–Review

Fara West is not your typical Victorian lady. She prefers riding horses and wearing men’s clothes to drinking tea and wearing dresses to balls. So when her father arranges a marriage with Marc Ranlyn, she maintains her independence and does not become the submissive wife he desires. But then Marc sails for America on business and dies in a shipwreck. She is free from her loveless marriage.

Except Marc has an identical twin. And six siblings he never told her about. When Fara meets Avetis, she sees her dead husband Marc. Avetis assumes Marc’s identity so he can finally provide for his five remaining siblings and find them suitable marriage partners. It is not long before Avetis and Fara fall in love. Overcoming the abusive history with Marc, it takes time for Fara to trust Avetis to not repeat Marc’s abuses and to not waste her family fortune.

Faith focuses on Fara’s and Avetis’s love story, and she also dips into the lives and perspectives of the siblings, Marc, and Avetis’s friend Phoenix Alden. Marley is the second oldest, and she helps Avetis raise their siblings after the deaths of their parents. Kitty is interested in fashion and is forthright and nosy. Emory reads books and is too shy to speak. The youngest twins, Enoch and Reuben, are rambunctious. Enoch cares for animals, especially his pet lizard Bug. The reader meets Phoenix Alden, a bookseller who is friends with Avetis. When customers complain about wanting more Lewis Carroll, Phoenix smirks and says, “‘What it must be like to be a child lucky enough to have a mother who purchases books for you. When I was a boy, I found amusement in tossing rocks between my palms.’”

Her Secret Husband is an entertaining read, filled with lovable characters, a memorable love story, and plenty of adventures and surprises as the Ranlyn family explores London and enters society to find marriage partners.

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