Lynn White–Interview

I generally write at home using the computer. I usually write a first draft fairly quickly, then I edit and edit over a period of days, weeks or months! I have a small notebook in my bag to scribble in if I get an idea while out.

I started writing in my teens and have written from time to time since then, but especially over the last 5 years.

I don’t really think about my audience, though it’s important that I have one. I would like my work to reach a wide range of people. I’m often surprised by who likes a particular poem.

All sorts of things inspire me to write—people, places, events memories…Sometimes ideas flood in, others not, but I can usually write to a prompt.

I love to be in the open air. I like gardening and wildlife. I love dancing and rock and blues music.

I think any aspiring writer has to find their own path. Creative writing groups help some by giving prompts and confidence. It’s important to read and learn from the writing that you like. Then have a go and try submitting the pieces you like best.

Check out Lynn’s work in the issue, Volume 3, Issue 1.