Tim Philippart–Interview

Describe your creative space. Do you work at home, in public spaces, etc.?

I usually work in my office but cameo appearances are made from the recliner using my IPad, the public library and Shuler’s bookstore.

What kind of materials do you use? Do you write by hand or type? What is your favorite writing utensil?

My hand writing is so poor, I must type.  However, the my typing is so bad I need to print. I am very conflicted.

What is your routine for writing?  

I think therefore I write—no routine.

How long have you been writing? When did you start writing?

I have been writing a little over two years although, an argument could be made that I have not yet started.

Who is your intended, or ideal, audience? Who do you write for?  

I like to write for people with short attention spans, who look, first, for humor and then are shocked when they discover I have written something serious for a change.

What inspires you to write? If you are blocked, what do you do?

There is always something to write about and, occasionally, I write about something when I should have realized I was blocked.

What other things do you do besides writing? Do you dance or play golf, etc.?  

I like to snap pictures, read and figure out how to keep the White House from calling me.

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

I love arriving at an unexpected destination, with characters I hadn’t imagined, doing things that completely surprise me.

What is your advice to aspiring writers?  

I consider myself an aspiring writer.  Don’t worry about whether you can write. Don’t worry if the piece you just finished is any good.  Whatever you decide, there is always someone who will tell you that you have come to the wrong conclusion.

Check out Tim’s work in Volume 3, Issue 2.

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