National Poetry Month

We’re posting daily prompts on our Facebook page, but in case you missed them:

April 9: Pick a color. Describe it without using the color’s name, nor the name of any other color. Challenge yourself by inviting other senses beyond sight into the description. What does red taste like? What does blue sound like? Experience the chosen color.

April 10: Play Frankenstein — build a monster. Pull on some of your fears and imagine them as the monster’s features. Once you have its body crafted, animate it. Give it a reason for being. Does it possess emotions? Does it love? Or is its soul like the void, empty, yet all-consuming? Finally, how does your monster meet its end?

April 11: You are the last person on Earth. You have no one to talk to, no one to comfort you, no one to remind you of your sanity. Why are you alone? How do you plan to proceed?

April 12: Call yourself. Keep repeating your name until it no longer sounds like a word, let alone your name. Reflect on the experience in a few short lines.

April 13: Give us your favorite recipe in a poem.

April 14: You have traveled to an unfamiliar city. Describe your experience of trying to read the public transit map, calling a cab, or walking around town.

April 15: You have met your celebrity crush. What do you say? What do you do? Do you embarrass yourself? Describe your experience using a sonnet, villanelle, or sestina.

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