National Poetry Month

We’re posting daily prompts on our Facebook page, but in case you missed them:

April 1: Use the following five words: red, lily, snow, taxi, and blanket in a poem of ten lines.

April 2: Write a sonnet starting with the word cold.

April 3: Write a poem based on your most recent dream. Be creative with your descriptions to really capture the tone.

April 4: Think back to your past and find a memory you really enjoy. Bathe it in gold and immortalize it on paper.

April 5: Take a pair of opposites and write a poem that transforms one side of the pair into the other.

April 6: In honor of April, write a poem about a rainy day. Do not use the words clouds, gray, rain, sunshine, or spring.

April 7: In 15 lines, describe the loneliness of a cactus.

April 8: There is an ordinary door, solid wood, stained with a cherry finish, and a dark gray metal knob. What is behind this door? What is it keeping out? What is it keeping in? Write a poem answering one or all of those questions. Surprise yourself.

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