Deborah H. Doolittle

Deborah H. Doolittle has lived in lots of different places but now calls North Carolina home. She has an MA in Women’s Studies and an MFA in Creative Writing and teaches at Coastal Carolina Community College. She is the author of No Crazy Notions, That Echo, and Floribunda. Some of her poems have recently appeared (or will soon appear) in Albatross, Eclectica, Hubbub, Chiron Review, Poets Espresso Review, Slipstream, and Steam Ticket. She shares a home with her husband, three housecats, and a backyard full of birds.

Stephan Crane Looks Down On a White Chrysanthemum, My Father as Cartographer, Why Bother?, and Crimson Tide, Volume 5, Issue 1

Steven Goff

Steven Goff studied psychology, creative writing, and publishing at Drexel University. He enjoys writing personal poems indicative of life in the Philadelphia area as well as ekphrastic and literary leaning poetry. His other interests include making music and mosaic art. Goff’s poems have appeared in such publications as Pendora Magazine, The 33rd, and Literary Yard.

Bathers, Pisces, Abandoned Observatory, and The Last Car, Volume 5, Issue 1

Dave Gregory

Dave Gregory used to live and work at sea but now writes in a bay-windowed, book-lined room. Currently a reader for Gigantic Sequins, his work has appeared in many publications such as Literally Stories, Ellipsis, and Bull & Cross. and

John’s Oven, Volume 5, Issue 1

Michael Paul Hogan

Born in London, Michael Paul Hogan is a poet, fiction writer, and literary essayist whose work has been featured extensively in the USA, UK, India, and China. He is the author of six volumes of poetry, the most recent of which, Chinese Bolero, with illustrations by the great contemporary painter Li Bin, was published in 2015.

The Fractured Wor[l]ds of Willem Kleist, Volume 5, Issue 1

Heikki Huotari

In a past century Heikki Huotari attended a one-room school and spent summers on a forest-fire lookout tower, is now a retired math professor, and has published three chapbooks, one of which won the Gambling The Aisle prize, and one collection, Fractal Idyll (A..P Press). Another collection is in press.

Rational Exuberance, Spatiotemporal, and The Causal Chain, Volume 5, Issue 1

Nancy Byrne Iannucci

Nancy Byrne Iannucci teaches history and lives poetry in Troy, NY. Her poetry can be found in numerous publications including Allegro Poetry Magazine, Gargoyle, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Typehouse Literary Magazine, Riggwelter Press, Three Drops from a Cauldron, and Picaroon Poetry to name a few. Her debut book of poetry, Temptation of Wood, was recently published by Nixes Mate Review.

Reflection, The Performer, and Chickie-Run, Volume 5, Issue 1

Jayant Kashyap

Jayant Kashyap, a Pushcart Prize nominee, has had his poetry in Barren and StepAway magazines, among others; one of his poems was featured in the Healing Words awards ceremony (Sept 2017), and another won the third-place in Young Poets Network’s Bletchley Park challenge (Dec 2018). His collaborative poems with Lisa Stice now appear in zines, and he is now a food blogger for Shahi Dastarkhan’s Foodie’s Desk. His debut chapbook, Survival, is to come from NY-based Clare Songbirds Publishing House. He is also the co-founder and editor of Bold + Italic.

Silence, Pompeii, Death Sonnet, The Temple, Veil, and A Little Elegy for Death, Volume 5, Issue 1

Don McLellan

Don McLellan has worked as a journalist in Canada, South Korea, and Hong Kong. He has published two story collections, In the Quiet After Slaughter (Libros Libertad), shortlisted for a 2009 ReLit Award, and Brunch with the Jackals (Thistledown Press, 2015).  More at

Brides, Volume 5, Issue 1