Buffy Shutt

Buffy Shutt lives and works in Los Angeles. She spent most of her adult life marketing movies. Now she writes full time. She’s studied creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College. She has published one novel and co-authored a book of non-fiction with her best friend and college roommate. Her short stories have appeared in Red Fez and Bird’s Thumb.

Breakthismf.com, Volume 3, Issue 2 (Pushcart Nomination)(Winner of the Magnolia Review Ink Award)


7 thoughts on “Buffy Shutt

  1. We just read Buffy Shutt’s “BREAKTHISMF.COM” and were both spellbound; we were totally absorbed in the world of this story and in the main character’s inner voice. It is magnificently written — managing to be both economical and lusciously vivid, as it moves fluidly from present to past. Evocative and astonishing.
    — Eva Charney and Marsha Clark

  2. This is the first of Buffy’s stories I’ve read that gives vent to her rapier sense of humor, but she reveals it in a gentle, ostensibly straightforward way. Plenty of healthy irony here, and I loved the individual characterizations of the “girls” at BREAKTHISMF.COM. I didn’t expect to be touched by the ending, but it caught me by surprise. I can’t wait for the next gem in Buffy’s back of tricks.

  3. Buffy’s writing is captivating and Jane, her main character, is a magnificent combination of relatable, accessible, and not fully knowable. Buffy’s ability to relate various threads within the story with ease and clarity is a delight. Reading this story is a delight!

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