We accept submissions year-round. We are currently reading submissions for our tenth issue! The optional theme for the twelfth issue is: A Defining Moment.

We accept photography, art, comics, creative nonfiction, fiction, flash fiction, experimental work, and poetry.

To submit to The Magnolia Review, send your work via an attachment to our email: In the body of the email, include your cover letter and a brief third person biography (85 words or less).

We do not respond to queries.

Writers and Artists:

  • Please remove all personal information from the document so the editors may read the work blindly.
  • We do read simultaneous submissions, but if your work is accepted elsewhere, notify us immediately.
  • We do not accept previously published work, be it in print or online.

Comics and Visual Narrative Artists:

  • Please send your work in jpegs at 300 dpi, in a zip file if necessary. If you have questions, please email
  • Don’t worry about removing personal information from your submission.
  • If you’re a student of Theresa Williams’ Graphic Novel Workshop at BGSU, please feel free to send your zines, exercises, composition book pages, etc.

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Writers:

  • Please remove your name and contact information from the document.
  • Send word files as a Word Document or PDF. We prefer Word Documents.
  • We love Times New Roman with 12 point font, double spaced preferable.


  • Please remove your name and contact information from the document.
  • We will look at a maximum of six poems. Documents with more than six poems will be rejected immediately.
  • Please put all of your poems in one file.
  • Send word files as a Word Document or PDF. We prefer Word Documents.
  • We love Times New Roman with 12 point font, single spaced preferable.
  • Please put each poem on a separate page.


  • Please send art as jpeg or tiff files with a minimum ppi of 300. Other file types will be rejected immediately. We prefer tiff files.
  • Google Drive is acceptable to submit your work.

Cover Letter Example:

Dear The Magnolia Review Editor,

Thank you for considering my poetry submissions “Water Inside,” “The Golden Rule,” “You are a prophet,” and “He has a name” for inclusion in The Magnolia Review. Below is a brief biography of my writing.

Suzanna Anderson studied creative writing at Bowling Green State University. She participates in National Novel Writing Month every year. Her interests also include watercolor, charcoal, and bookbinding. Currently she is the editor-in-chief of The Magnolia Review and the Review Editor at The Odd Ducks.

Suzanna Anderson

(contact information)

13 thoughts on “Submit

  1. I’m always amazed at how often I’m stymied by something in guidelines. ‘fiction and creative non-fiction writers must remove identifying information from their submission” But the same is not indicated for Poets and Artists. Are we to assume that the same obtains in all cases, or that since it is not explicitly stated one way or the other, that poets can put their contact information with their poems? Like the father on CNN’s SOMEBODY’S GOTTA DO IT commercial, I’m very literal!! LOL!

    Frank De Canio

  2. Frank, I am very sorry for the confusion. We’ve had more issues with fiction writers leaving identifying information on submissions than poets. Under the group heading “Writers and Artists,” we have requested everyone to remove identifying information. The specific sections give further information. Some poets send us more than six poems at a time. But yes, poets should remove identifying information as our preference is to read all submissions blindly and without bias.

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